Compensation Policy

Salary/wages is compensation paid regularly to employees of the University Corporation, San Francisco State (UCorp) for services and work performed. The employee works under the control and direction of the employer (UCorp) or its designee, the Project Director/Principal Investigator.

San Francisco State University (SF State) instructional personnel who are working on projects/programs administered by the UCorp, and are paid directly by the UCorp, shall receive a salary computed at the rate which is identical to that which they regularly receive from SF State.

All non-instructional positions will be classified within classification standards comparable to those established by the California State University (CSU), and will be commensurate with the allowable salary levels as approved by the funder for those applicable sponsored programs (ie. grants & contracts).

If there is no CSU classification which, in the judgment of UCorp management, adequately describes the duties of a particular position, an appropriate salary level will be determined by comparison with other positions having a comparable level of duties and other working conditions. Officers and directors of the UCorp are non-compensated.