Compensation for Time, Expertise, or Deliverables

Compensating Individuals

From time-to-time, or on a continuing basis, a Project Director may need to pay an individual to perform work for his or her program or project. The type of work the individual performs, the amount of direct supervision he or she receives, where the work is performed, and other factors will determine the method and the timetable for payment. UCorp follows IRS and California State regulations when making the determination.

All work performed by an individual, whether an employee or an independent contractor, must be approved by UCorp- in writing- prior to commencement of work.

Recent changes in California’s employment guidelines have necessitated changes in which form of compensation will be used for each individual. If you are considering compensating an individual for time, expertise, or deliverables, you are urged to contact one of the UCorp staff below to discuss the options that are available.

The new guidelines will likely result in fewer individuals being deemed independent contractors and more individuals deemed employees. To address what UCorp anticipates will be an uptick in the number of individuals on the payroll, an abbreviated process has been established for employees who will be working one month or less. Please see “Limited Employment Agreement”.

Documentation Required for an Independent Contractor

  • W-9 Form – This officially records the individual’s tax identification number.
  • Evidence of insurance or an approved waiver of insurance.
  • Scope of Work
  • Resume, curriculum vitae, bio, or other documentation that provides evidence of payee’s qualifications to perform the contracted assignment.
  • Fully approved agreement: Independent contractor agreement OR Short Term Service Agreement

Documentation Required for an Employee

  • I-9 – This establishes the employee’s eligibility to work.
  • W-4 – This records the employee’s tax identification number and number of withholding allowances.
  • Fully approved hiring document: Special Consultant Request for Payment OR Employment Form and Position Description OR Limited Employment Agreement

UCorp Contacts

Mark Angstman
HR Generalist

Kathleen Bruno
Associate Director, Program Services