Employee Performance Evaluation

Completing the Employee Performance Evaluation

Form: Employee Performance Evaluation

Overall Specific Job Performance

In this section, the applicable employee's job objectives, usually derived from their job description, should be listed and then rated. Five spaces are provided on the form, however you may evaluate more or less than five objectives at your discretion.;

Evaluation of Performance in Following Areas Relevant to Job

Use the Performance Evaluation Rating numbers provided at the top of the form to evaluate each line. You may write "N/A" for items not applicable to the employee's job.

Fill-in Questions

In order to provide additional examples of the employee's performance and not be confined to the stated areas for evaluation, the last three questions are designed to allow discussion of the employee's qualities- both positive and those needing improvement.

Finally, in completing the evaluation process with your employee, please ensure that both the employee and supervisor sign where indicated. The signatures as acknowledgment by both parties that the evaluation has been read and discussed.

For those employees in disagreement, it should be explained that their signature only serves to acknowledge that they have received and read the evaluation- they have the opportunity to respond in writing regarding their own concerns and observations.

UCorp does allow for other forms of written evaluations should you wish to utilize your own format. We also have a different form that is completely narrative. Whatever form you desire to use, please ensure that the actual evaluation is signed by both the employee being given the evaluation and the supervisor giving it.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the UCorp Personnel office at (415)338-2246.