The University Corporation, SF State remains committed to fully supporting SF State’s Office of University Development and its fundraising efforts by acting as the fiscal administrator for most contributions made to SF State. For guidelines and more specific information regarding donations to the University, please contact the Office of University Development directly. On behalf of the Office of University Development, UCorp accepts gifts of cash/check.

Donations of Stock

UCorp also accepts donations of stock/securties to the University. Stocks must be donated via wire transfer from the donor’s broker to UCorp’s Charles Schwab account #7768-9978. Per UCorp policy, all stocks are liquidated upon receipt.

The UCorp procedure for these transactions:

  1. The Development contact person for the gift informs UCorp of the stock gift by sending their completed "Notice of Intent to Make a Gift of Stock" form.
  2. The Development contact person asks the donor to effect the transfer by wire by transferring the stocks/securities to UCorp’s Charles Schwab account #7768-9978.
  3. After the transfer is initiated by the donor, the contact person informs UCorp of the transfer to the UCorp stock account.
  4. UCorp places an order to sell, awaits for the transaction to settle, and then requests the liquidation proceeds from Charles Schwab.
  5. Upon receipt of the Trade Confirmation from Charles Schwab, UCorp informs the contact person by sending the Sale of Securities/Transaction Record to the contact person
  6. The check representing the proceeds of the transaction is received by UCorp and the recipient project is credited.
  7. The respective fundraiser from the Office of University Development is responsible for acknowledging the gift and thanking the donor.