Our Finances and Administration 

  1. Our policies will establish clear operating protocols, which we will follow.
  2. We will account for every dollar according to CSU policy, and all applicable ordinances.
  3. Our funds will be administered soundly- in line with best practices of the CSU and other auxiliary organizations.
  4. We will provide professional support for the university’s auxiliaries so that they can effectively carry out their own missions in support of the university.
  5. We will work with campus partners to provide support services aimed at ensuring that campus programs are effectively managed and that they adhere to the highest standards of integrity in their operations.

Our Operations

  1. We will be a trusted and valued business partner.
  2. We will work to provide the campus community with the services it needs and desires. 
  3. Our operations will generate revenue to support our organization and the university. 

Our Community 

  1. We will build a culture of trust and partnership with the campus community, including ASI, Senate, and university administrative units. 
  2. We will strengthen the perception of UCorp as a valued business partner for the university.
  3. We will work to be seen as a key component of the efforts to advance the university through its strategic plan.

Our Governance 

  1. Our team will ensure that our board is well informed so that it can make deliberate and reasoned decisions to guide us. 
  2. To ensure that we engage in sound and ethical practices, our board will be well versed in our policies, as well as applicable CSU regulations and State ordinances. 
  3. Our board will welcome disparate points of view and will consider them in a deliberate, professional, and courteous manner. 

Our Staff and Structure 

  1. We will ensure that UCorp is a wonderful place to work, where our employees feel valued and treated equitably. 
  2. We will operate efficiently and in a manner that supports our success, best practices, and applicable regulations. 
  3. We will have clear paths to advance in our careers and to find fulfillment through what we do at work.