Subcontracted Services

Sometimes subcontracted services may be necessary for programs and projects.  Services can rance from something as small as a few hours of consulting to something as large as a project lasting many months.  In any case, committing UCorp funds to subcontracted services requires UCorp’s signature on the contract.  There are no exceptions.  Contracts signed by anyone other than authorized UCorp personnel are not considered legally binding.

Contracts between UCorp and another entity should be forwarded to Kathleen Bruno for review. If adequate funding and/or insurance is in place, the contract will be forwarded to authorized UCorp personnel for review and approval.  UCorp will notify the department when the contract has been signed.

Purchase orders are required for contracts totaling $10,000 or more.  The signed contract is required as backup for the requisition, and should be uploaded in the “Edit Comments” section.  When the requisition is approved, the purchase order will be dispatched.