University Club 2.0

Hello! This is the temporary website for the University Club while it is in the process of being (re)created to serve many SF State community needs.

Currently, the Club is available on a limited basis for events only, especially those catered by HTM 557's Catering Management class, as we are still in the early stages of identifying operational and facility needs.

The University Club is located on the Mezzanine Level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center, and is made possible through a partnership between the Academic Senate and The University Corporation. We are currently working with Hospitality & Tourism Management, Academic Technology, Planning & Design, and UCorp Operations staff, among several others, to ensure a smooth opening. We estimate that the Club will be open for daily use by faculty and staff, in addition to other various programmed activities by January 2020.

Your patience is appreciated and we look forward to being able to welcome you the Club! 


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For additional information, please see our FAQs below.


University Club 2.0 FAQs

What is the University Club?

The University Club will be a space for faculty and staff to gather, build and foster cross-campus relationships, and exchange ideas and information. It is located in San Francisco State University’s Cesar Chavez Student Center. Food and beverages will be available for sale. Potential functions include faculty/staff professional development, meetings, exhibitions, performances, and special events. The club also aims to provide a benefit for students by offering courses based on a lab model, event space for student clubs, community-wide events for students, faculty, staff and other community members, safe spaces for students to meet with faculty and staff, and potential employment opportunities for students.

What will the Club offer?

In addition to providing a meeting space, the club will have an offering of grab-and-go food items, snacks, and beverages for purchase. The Club will also serve a selection of beer and wine. 

Who runs the University Club?

The University Club’s programming and event coordination will be directed by an advisory committee comprised of faculty, staff, and student representatives. A program director will oversee the club’s programming. The University Corporation (UCorp) will oversee facility operations and management.

Can students use the University Club?

Faculty and staff members will be able to host students in the club for meetings, events, performances, and other activities. Additionally, it is anticipated that some courses will be offered in cooperation with the University Club.

Is it common for universities to have a faculty/staff club?

Yes. Many universities have gathering spaces for their faculty and staff. Universities with similar clubs include California State University, Fullerton, San Diego State University, and University of California, Berkeley. 

What is the history of the University Club?

The original University Club opened in the campus’ Franciscan Building in 1977. When SF State renovated the library several years ago, the project included expanding the building footprint by removing the Franciscan Building, which stood just west of the library. The Franciscan housed a faculty club, which had been an important gathering place for faculty and staff. While the intent had always been to find a new location and to reopen the club, attempts to do so failed; there was never a space identified as conducive to this use. Thus, the university hasn’t had a club on campus since around 2005. The university community has been discussing how to revive the club ever since. The club is so important to SF State faculty and staff that it was included in the SF State Strategic Plan in 2014. 

Why is the University Club in the Cesar Chavez Student Center?

The University Corporation leases space in the Student Center, including the space occupied by the bookstore. When the bookstore’s operations were undertaken by a new operator, the operator evaluated its operations and determined that it didn’t need all of the space that the former bookstore had used. The bookstore returned the excess space on the mezzanine to UCorp. Thus, a space that had always been used for bookstore offices was no longer needed for that purpose. It remained a part of UCorp’s leasehold in the building for which UCorp pays rent. UCorp and ASI serve as co-tenants of the Student Center—each leases approximately 50% of the space. These leases ensure that the building has the financial capacity to operate without state funds, as required by state law. In 2016, UCorp worked with the Academic Senate and Associated Students to develop a university club concept within the Student Center that would have the support of the campus community. After a year and a half of extensive facilitated discussions, the parties reached a memorandum of agreement, whereby the mezzanine space will be able to provide a much needed location for the University Club. The parties also agreed that the campus community would continue to seek an alternative space for a university club, at which time the Student Center space would be available for other uses. 

Were student fees used to fund construction of the University Club?

No. The University Club’s construction is being supported by University Corporation, which will recoup its investment over time.

When will the University Club open?

The club is tentatively planned to open for events mid-Fall 2019 with full programming by Spring 2020. 


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