Campus Programs

A Campus Program Fund is set up when it a) is requested by a campus department or college via submission of a Special Project Agreement (SPA), b) is deemed necessary by UCorp, c) is in compliance with Executive Order 1052, and d) meets criteria outlined by the University Corporation.

Sources of Revenue

The University Corporation may receive gifts, donations, and fundraising revenue.  UCorp may receive other types of program revenue if the following criteria are met:

  • The revenue will support SF State or the University Corporation’s mission.
  • The campus is compensated for the use of its resources, or there is an alternative, documented fair exchange of value.
  • Fees are not collected for accredited classes.
  • The University Box Office is not a revenue component of the program.


Expenditures must be made within general University Corporation policy, and must benefit the program described on the SPA.

Term of Program

Special Project Agreements are established and renewed with a three-year term.  At the end of the term, the SPA must be renewed or the program closed.  Funds remaining in the account must be spent in accordance with the terms outlined on the SPA, or may be transferred to a similar fund approved by the department and the University Corporation.

If the Project Director changes during the term of the SPA, an updated SPA, and Delegation of Signature Authority must be submitted.