Scholarship accounts can be established for a college or department, or for a stand-alone named scholarship.  College or department scholarships are established for processing small dollar or one-time only scholarships.  Stand-alone named scholarship accounts are established when it is expected that the scholarship will be awarded over many semesters.

A Special Project Agreement (SPA) will need to be completed and submitted to the University Corporation for a scholarship account to be established.  In addition, the Project Director will need to complete a Scholarship Agreement, obtained from and submitted to Financial Aid, so they can document the terms of the scholarship and ensure its compliance with California State University policy and California law.  The Scholarship Agreement is not kept on file at UCorp, but it must be in place with Financial Aid before a scholarship can be awarded.

UCorp follows all applicable federal and state laws and regulations in the administration and award of scholarships. We also are committed to ensuring that the donor’s intent is met in administering the funds. For purposes of administering scholarships, the University Corporation shall define the term “underrepresented” as students who are economically disadvantaged, or who qualify for Federal financial assistance.

If the Project Director changes during the term of the SPA, an updated SPA, and Delegation of Signature Authority must be submitted.

Scholarship accounts must be spent down to within a balance of $10 before they can be closed.  All other funds must be awarded as the donors intended.