Special Project Agreement

A fully executed Special Project Agreement (SPA) must be on file for every Campus Program, Scholarship, or Spending Account at UCorp.  Accounts may be frozen when proper documentation is not on file.

NOTE: Effective September 1, 2019, all Special Project Agreements must be completed using DocuSign.

We urge anyone without an SFSU DocuSign account to visit docusign website between now and September 1st to establish their access. It only takes a couple of minutes. 

Four templates are available for use in DocuSign:

  • Special Project Agreement (New Campus Program)
  • Special Project Agreement (New Scholarship)
  • Special Project Agreement (Campus Program Renewal)
  • Special Project Agreement (Scholarship Renewal)

With a SFSU DocuSign account, these templates may be easily accessed. Select the appropriate template, complete it, and forward it to the Project Director for approval. After that, DocuSign takes over and the agreement should be fully approved within just a few days. By using this process, we hope to reduce the length of time it takes to route a Special Project Agreement for signature by 3 weeks or more.

DocuSign Guides

  • DocuSign Guide for New Special Project Agreements: PDF
  • DocuSign Guide for Renewals: PDF

DocuSign Login 


For questions regarding Special Project Agreement, please contact Ricardo Angeles at angelesr@sfsu.edu or 415.338.7141, or Shelby Zuo at zuo@sfsu.edu or 415.338.7783.

For questions regarding DocuSign, please visit DocuSign @ San Francisco State or contact Quality Assurance at qateam@sfsu.edu.


New Accounts - Form Instructions

Part 1: General Information

Identify the type of account, either Campus Program or Scholarship. 

Complete other requested information.

  • The Project Director must be tenured or tenure-track faculty, or a University administrator (MPP).
  • “On Campus” includes the Downtown Campus and the Romberg Tiburon Center.

Part 2:  Funding Sources

Identify all sources of revenue for the new account. It is important to include anticipated transfers from SF State Foundation endowments.

The only sources of revenue allowed for Scholarship accounts are gifts & donations, transfers from an SF State Foundation endowment, and transfers from another UCorp account.

Part 3: Expenses

Identify all types of anticipated expenses for this account. If a gift agreement is in place, this section must conform to the restrictions outlined in the gift agreement.

Scholarship expenses may be incurred on both Campus Program and Scholarship accounts, however, only scholarship expenses may be incurred on Scholarship accounts.

Part 4: Disposition of Funds

This section of the form must be completed. Most Campus Program and Scholarship accounts will run their course, and funds remaining in the account will need to be transferred to another appropriate account. Accounts will not be closed without a diligent attempt being made to contact the account’s current Project Director or Department Chair. In some rare instances, that isn’t possible. This section would make it possible to identify the best place to transfer the funds in the event that the department could not be consulted.  

The disposition indicated may be to another UCorp account or an SFSU Trust account.

Part 5: Risk Management 

Complete all parts of this section. If none of the choices apply, write “N/A” in the description section.

Part 6: Project Director Responsibilites 

The Project Director's responsibilities of their project include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ensuring that all funds received and expended on this project are for the purposes described herein.
  2. Ensuring that expenditures are in compliance with the overall educational mission of SFSU. 
  3. Compliance with California Administrative Code Title V, ICSUAM, and the policies of UCorp as stated at ucorp.sfsu.edu. 
  4. Notifying UCorp of any change in project personnel.
  5. Updating signature delegations each time the project is renewed or the delegate changes.
  6. Proactively notifying UCorp if any of the parameters described in this Agreement change.
  7. Reviewing and monitoring this project and reporting discrepancies upon discovery

Part 7: University Corporation Responsibilities

The University Corporation's responsibilities projects include, but are not limited to:

  1. Adherence to California Administrative Code Title V, Section 42500, the ICSUAM, and the policies posted on ucorp.sfsu.edu
  2. Maintaining an inventory of assets purchased under this agreement, and monitoring the disposition of assets at project close.
  3. Maintenance and storage of financial records. 
  4. Review of receipts and expenditures for appropriateness and allowability.
  5. As owner of this fund, UCorp is responsible for maintaining all financial records & insurance, and has legal liability for project activities.

Part 8: Accounting Service Fees

Accounting Service Fees for projects will be calculated on deposited funds as follows:

  • 5% on gifts and donations (including matches)
  • 5% on fundraising
  • 10% on program revenue
  • 0% for funds designated solely for scholarships
  • 0% for funds transferred from a related party or another UCorp fund

Part 9: Authorized Project Signatories

The Project Director must sign this section. Other signatures are optional. Additional signature delegations may be submitted when the account is established.

Part 10:  SFSU Review and Approval

The Special Project Agreement should arrive at UCorp signed by the Project Director, the Dean/Associate Vice President, and in the case of new accounts, the Provost/Vice President. Forms that do not contain the Dean/Associate Vice President and/or Provost/Vice President signatures will be returned.

UCorp will obtain the remaining required signatures.

Part 11:  University Corporation Review and Approval

UCorp staff will complete this section. 


Renewals - Form Instructions

Special Project Agreements are renewed when the Project Director changes or every 3 years, whichever comes first. The updated form should be completed in the same manner as the original, with the following exceptions:

  • The Fund Number should be included in the upper-left corner.
  • Any changes, i.e., new sources of revenue, changes in anticipated expenses, and changes in program activities, must be noted on the form.
  • The Provost/VP signature is not required.