Rules for Public Comment

Per Article III, Section 4 of the UCorp, Inc. Bylaws:

Meetings of the Board shall be open and public, and all persons shall be permitted to attend any meeting of the Board, provided, however, that the Board may hold closed sessions during any meeting to consider those matters that may lawfully be considered in such session under Section 89923 of the California Education Code.

89923. Any governing board or subboard may hold closed sessions to consider matters relating to litigation, collective bargaining, or the appointment, employment, evaluation of performance, or dismissal of an employee, or to hear complaints or charges brought against an employee by another person or employee, unless the employee requests a public hearing. For the purposes of this section, 'employee' does not include any person elected or appointed to an office. A board or subboard, upon a favorable majority vote of its members, may also hold a closed session to discuss investments where a public discussion could have a negative impact on the auxiliary organization's financial situation.

At the December 3, 2003 Board of Directors' meeting, the following guidelines for public comment were adopted by the Board of Directors:

  1. UCorp Board of Directors does not allow photographing, audio and/or video taping unless the Board agrees by vote to do so.
  2. The public comment will be limited to three minutes per speaker.
  3. The public comment time is limited to 15 minutes total.
  4. The Board of Directors will be notified in advance when possible of those interested in making public comments.
  5. Public comments are limited to UCorp business.