General Payment Policy

UCorp strives to make timely and accurate payments.  Payment requests submitted to UCorp with appropriate backup are generally processed for payment within five working days. Check runs are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Checks will go out the next day in U.S. mail unless alternative routing is requested on the payment request.

Ten different types of payment requests are used at UCorp depending on the type of payment being made.  It is important that the correct form be used because each form requests specific information pertinent to the request.

  1. Hospitality
  2. Gifts
  3. Check Requests
  4. Compensation for Time, Expertise, or Deliverables
  5. International Payments
  6. Scholarships and Stipends
  7. Study Participants 
  8. Subcontracted Services
  9. Travel
  10. Petty Cash

All payment requests require the following:

Chartfield String

Every payment request should arrive at UCorp with the proper chartfield numbers assigned.  There are four components to the chartfield:  

  1. the 6-digit account number
  2. the 5-digit fund number
  3. the 4-digit department ID
  4. the 8-digit project number (most frequently left blank)

The Account Number- The 6-digit Account Number describes the product or service provided.  There are accounts for tangible purchases such as Supplies, Computer Equipment, and Printing, as well as accounts for services such as Telephone, Consultants, and Space Rental. 

UCorp has summarized a Chart of Accounts listing the most common accounts and their descriptions. If you have a question about the most appropriate account to use, please feel free to contact UCorp for suggestions.

The Fund Number- The 5-digit Fund Number represents the fund that has been established for your Campus Program, Scholarship, or Grant.  It is where deposits and expenditures are made.  Campus Program fund numbers begin with “47”, and Scholarship fund numbers begin with “50”.  Fund Numbers associated with grants begin with “30”, “33”, “40”, or “43”, depending on the source of the funding.

The Department Number- The 4-digit Department Number represents your campus department, institute, or RSO.

The Project Number- The 8-digit Project Number is only assigned to Grants & Contracts.  In most cases, this part of the chartfield should be left blank.  At UCorp, the Project Number always begins with “980” and is followed by the 5-digit fund number.

Name and Address of Vendor

Note that in most cases, a W-9 is also required for first-time payments to a particular vendor. Contact UCorp before submitting payment requests for international vendors; required documentation varies from country to country.  Exception: The student’s address is not required on the Scholarship Request Form.

Authorized Signature

An approved delegation of signature authority must be on file before a payment can be approved.  The appropriate signature is most often the Project Director. 

Original or Certified Receipts/Invoices

Original or certified receipts must back up all payment requests, unless the payment is for an individual’s time, i.e., an honorarium, internship, independent contractor, or stipend payment.

  • If receipt copies are provided, the following verbiage must be included on the copies and must be signed by the claimant:  “This receipt is a true and correct copy of the original, which has been lost or is otherwise unobtainable. I certify that our records have been checked and this receipt has not been submitted with a previous claim, nor will any other reimbursement be sought.”
  • If electronic receipts are provided, the following verbiage must be contained on the printout and must be signed by the claimant:  “I certify that this electronic receipt is the original receipt issued to me by the vendor.  I further certify that I have not submitted, nor will submit in the future, a duplicate of this receipt for payment or reimbursement”.