Special Events

University Corporation Events and Field Trips

The University Corporation is committed to supporting a wide array of events and field trips that help to fulfill the educational mission of the University.  In doing so, we strive to ensure the safety of all participants and the timely processing of all related paperwork and full compliance with CSU, SF State, and UCorp policy.

A University Corporation event is one that falls outside of routine SF State campus activity. The event’s activity must occur within the scope of a UCorp program or grant, be consistent with the mission of SF State and UCorp, and be funded by UCorp. 

Events include, but are not limited to:

  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Field Trips
  • Fundraising Events
  • Lectures
  • Performances 
  • Receptions


Events with anticipated expenditures of $1,500 or more must be pre-approved by authorized UCorp personnel.  A Special Event Authorization and Summary must be completed and submitted to UCorp prior to the event. Please allow at least one week to give UCorp ample time to secure Special Event Insurance if necessary. No contract or other commitment of costs will be approved until a Special Event Authorization is on file.


The event may take place on campus or off campus. The Downtown Center, the Romberg Tiburon Center, the Sierra Nevada Field Campus, and the Pacific Leadership Institute are all considered on campus.

If the event is taking place on campus, UCorp may need to reimburse SF State for the use of its facilities.  If you are planning an on-campus event, contact Ricardo Angeles to discuss the details of your particular event.


The event will be funded with UCorp funds. If adequate funding is on hand to pay for your event, related expenditures may be processed as usual. If deficit spending will occur prior to the receipt of revenue, the Dean/AVP must guarantee repayment of the deficit in writing.  Contact Ricardo Angeles for the appropriate terms and paperwork.


Commitment of funds must be approved by authorized UCorp personnel. All contracts for venue space, catering, entertainment, equipment rental, or any other contracts related to the event must be signed by authorized UCorp personnel. They are otherwise considered non-binding. 

Fundraising Events

A subset of “Special Events” are conducted for the primary purpose of raising charitable funds, where participants make a charitable contribution and a purchase for the fair market value of goods and services. Fundraising events include, but are not limited to, dinners, dances, concerts, carnivals, auctions, and similar events. Please refer to the UCorp Fundraising Events Policy. If a fundraising event is being planned, please contact Ricardo Angeles for more information.  Additional reporting is required by the CSU and the IRS for fundraising events.  This is referenced in the ICSUAM 15701.00.

Raffle Proceeds

If an event includes a raffle, the revenue it generates and the costs the raffle incurs must be reported to UCorp on a Raffle Request form within 5 days of the event. UCorp is required to accurately report raffle proceeds to the IRS and the State of California on a yearly basis; this record-keeping is critical.


Insurance is mandatory for all UCorp events. The event must be recorded with SF State’s department of Enterprise Risk Management, and Business Continuity to ensure that all participants are adequately covered. Higher risk events may require a separate policy, typically at a nominal cost. 

Vendors with a physical presence at the event must provide insurance naming the University Corporation as an additional insured. This is the case even if the vendor will be delivering goods and then leaving. (The Request for Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured Endorsement contains specific verbiage required on the Certificate.)  

Tammie Ridgell (ridgell@sfsu.edu), UCorp’s Risk Manager, must be contacted in advance of the event so that adequate insurance can be secured. Failure to secure insurance may result in cancellation of the event.

Release Forms

Release forms are required for field trips and some other events attended by students.  Questions regarding release forms should be addressed to Tammie Ridgell (ridgell@sfsu.edu).

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials for events must be reviewed and approved by UCorp. San Francisco State University and UCorp are separate entities, and promotional materials need to be approved by UCorp prior to printing or posting online. Verbiage such as, “This event is being funded (or partially funded) by UCorp, an auxiliary of San Francisco State University”, may be required.


  1. Name: Ricardo Angeles
    Email: angelesr@sfsu.edu
    Phone: (415) 338-7141
  2. Name: Tammie Ridgell
    Email: ridgell@sfsu.edu
    Phone: (415) 338-1706