Requesting System Access

The University Corporation utilizes the same technology as SF State.  That means program personnel can access financial records through Finance Reporting (BI), and can create requisitions through PeopleSoft/CFS.

Fiscal Affairs Business Services (FABS) manages most of the access to these systems. The one exception is for grants.  See “Grants” section below.

Completing the Request Form

The "CFS and Finance Reporting Access Request Form" can be found in the Fiscal Affairs form directory. The fully completed form, with all appropriate signatures, should be submitted to "Security Administrator" in ADM 352 for processing.  For assistance completing the form or questions regarding the processing of your request, please contact the FABS Help Desk  at (415) 338-7143.

Pointers for Requesting Reporting Access to UCorp Funds

Business Unit: The Business Unit for UCorp is SFFDN.

Fund Level Reporting: Request fund level reporting access, not department level.  This will provide the most accurate results.

Allow a few days for processing.


Reporting access to UCorp grants is managed directly through UCorp. Project Directors are automatically set up with reporting access to their own grants. Please complete the following steps to obtain Finance Reporting (BI) access to a grant:

  1. The Project Director (or other authorized signer on the grant) should contact UCorp through his/her designated SF State email address, or with a signed memo.  There is no standardized form to submit.
  2. Include the name of the employee needing reporting access and the project number in the request. Suggested language for the request: “Please provide (employee name) with Finance Reporting (BI) access to Grant number 980 -----.”  
  3. Either format of the grant reporting access request should be directed to Ricardo Angeles. Emails should be sent to; signed memos should be delivered to UCorp offices in ADM 361.