Insurance Matters

Providing & ensuring adequate insurance coverage against risk & liability is critical, relative to all University Corporation, San Francisco State’s (UCorp) activities. UCorp requires proof of insurance from most vendors/contractors providing services (possibly including those making deliveries), on all SF State campus sites (i.e. also DTC & EOS).

Regardless of estimated costs, a risk evaluation is required for all activities/events sponsored by UCorp programs.

  • Special Events coverage may be needed, or
  • Determination may be made that Participant Accident Insurance is better suited for planned activities

It is important that contracts, agreements, and MOU’s are reviewed to ensure stated insurance requirements are reasonable and may be met, as well as ensuring the other party is adequately insured.

UCorp continues to work closely with the University’s Risk Management department, as we wish to not be over-insured or have double coverage.

UCorp’s insurance requirements, mitigating risk & liability, are outlined at: Insurance Requirements Indemnification

It is also important to note that in many cases, UCorp’s insurance may need to be verified, and we are able to comply by providing our own certificate of insurance, when required.

Questions regarding insurance may be directed to Anthony Victoria,, or 415-338-2238.