Notary Services

The University Corporation provides notary services at the SF State main campus in ADM 361. Contact Anthony Victoria at (415) 338-2238 or to schedule an appointment, or if you have questions. 


As of January 23, 2017, the fee per notarization will be $15. Copies of documents cannot be notarized. 

Individual(s) must be present, and signatures should be made in the presence of the Notary. 

Signers must bring a valid photo ID (driver's license, passport).

Typical Notary Public Acts

Acknowledgments: certifying that a signer personally appeared before a Notary, was identified by the Notary, and acknowledged signing the document.

Jurats: as found in affidavits and other sworn documents, certifying the signer personally appeared before the Notary, signed in the Notary's presence, and took an oath or affirmation from the Notary.