Notary Services

The University Corporation provides notary services at the SF State main campus in ADM361. Questions may be directed to Anthony Victoria at (415) 338-2238 or


Currently, the fee per notarization will be $15.00 (via cash or check).

Please note, within the state of California copies of documents cannot be notarized.

Individual(s) must be present, and signatures should be made in the presence of the Notary.

Signers must bring/present a valid photo ID, that may include:

  • state-issued driver's license or
  • state-issued ID card [not University/SFSU ID] or
  • US passport.


SFSU Students, past & present, seeking notarization of their official transcripts, etc.,. need to consult with the University Registrar, or (415)338-2350

Typical Notary Public Acts

Acknowledgments: certifying that a signer personally appeared before a Notary, was identified by the Notary, and acknowledged signing the document.

Jurats: as found in affidavits and other sworn documents, certifying the signer personally appeared before the Notary, signed in the Notary's presence, and took an oath or affirmation from the Notary.

In time of COVID-19...

Although most all campus services may be offered and completed in a virtual setting, at this time notary services still have to be performed in-person.

UCorp is committed to following the strict protocol as per University guidelines, and social distancing as well as other preventive measures are followed when this service is sought.

Effective February 7, 2022, UCorp will be offering these services Wednesday through Friday during the Spring 2022 semester, (but we will remain flexible if that does not accommodate your schedule).

Should you have further questions, concerns, or wish to schedule an appointment, as indicated above, please contact Anthony Victoria, x82238 or